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Eyeing exports on a strong foundation of domestic: Seven Hills International & Mittal Clothing

A major reason for the decline in the Chinese apparel exports has been the rise of opportunities in...

May 31,2022

Stephen Evans
Explore the major International sourcing and technology events of 2019

Sourcing and technology fairs/exhibitions are important platform to increase market reach, to explore...

May 27,2022

Stephen Evans
Experts decode the poser of falling FDI in T&A sector

The role and importance of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the economic development of any coun...

May 25,2022

Stephen Evans
Exodus Futura Knits – Redefining the Philosophy for Success of Apparel Manufacturing in Kolkata

Generally the reason given by most apparel manufacturers for not establishing units in remote regions...

May 24,2022

Stephen Evans
Evolution of Technology: Pressing & Finishing

While pressing can remove the ‘unwanted’ crease as well as impart ‘wanted’ creases, finishing can...

May 18,2022

Stephen Evans
Europe officially goes into recession…

Over the years, Indian exporters who are known for their capabilities in small runs as also design...

May 17,2022

Stephen Evans