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KnitWorld International 2014 Offers comprehensive range of knitting  technologies to the growing Ludhiana industry

The 20th edition of KnitWorld was a success for both the participants and the visitors. It was bigger...

May 10,2021

Stephen Evans
Growth Outlook for US Retail Sales

Spring, summer, fall, winter… may be the 4 seasons that traditionally defined the shopping cycle, b...

May 23,2023

Stephen Evans
Green Factories: Why is India lagging behind its competitors?

One of the most commonly used terms in the apparel industry since the last few years has been ‘gre...

May 02,2023

Stephen Evans
Government’s all-out efforts to retain apparel sector’s competitive edge post LDC transition through FTAs

The year 2021 could be landmark year for Bangladesh. Making rapid progress from socio-economic viewpoin...

March 21,2023

Stephen Evans
Golden Wheel   Leading-Edge Sewing Machine Manufacturer in Shanghai

Pursuing the philosophy of “honesty & integrity” Taiwan based Chee Siang Corporation, the pr...

February 07,2023

Stephen Evans
Gloria Jeans – Quality management drives customer satisfaction

Nothing gives more satisfaction to a customer than a quality product/service. Steve Jobs once said...

January 17,2023

Stephen Evans
Global Mode and Accessories coming up with new factory

India’s Global Mode and Accessories is in the process to start a new factory in the southern part...

November 08,2022

Stephen Evans