Clothes One Day
From wearable tech to smart clothing – How far have we reached?

Wearable technology gave consumers Nike’s popular HyperAdapt shoes, and Under Armour brought to th...

May 05,2022

Stephen Evans
From Tie & Dye to The Simpsons: Print Trends for Menswear in Spring 2019

The last few years have seen an endless thinning of the menswear calendar and this season was no differ...

May 03,2022

Stephen Evans
From Monaco to Malhausi: Rahul Mishra for FDCI India Couture Week 2019

Rahul Mishra lived up to his reputation of being a master storyteller with his presentation for FDCI...

May 02,2022

Stephen Evans
FR enhances its software solutions specifically for denim manufacturers!

Global provider of software solutions, specifically for the fashion industry – from specialist plan...

April 26,2022

Stephen Evans
FourSource in BD to link apparel buyers, manufacturers digitally

For about six months now, FourSource is operating in Bangladesh with an aim to connect local manufactur...

April 24,2022

Stephen Evans
Four companies that promise to support businesses through exceptional services

It is a known notion that sales may go up and down but service will remain forever – eventually ta...

April 23,2022

Stephen Evans
Folds in fashion calls for the trend’ of micro pleating

Of all the trends that have emerged on the runways over the years, it’s clear that pleats are the...

April 18,2022

Stephen Evans
Fluctuating prices of yarn, a reflection of uncertain market conditions

Since the pandemic struck the world, the biggest news from the yarn industry has been the rising prices...

April 17,2022

Stephen Evans
Floreal International keeping noble yarns sweaters at the foundation of growth

With Bangladesh touted as the next hot spot for sweater manufacturing, many global sweater producing...

April 17,2022

Stephen Evans