Sports enthusiasts should be familiar with quick-drying clothes. It is uncomfortable to sweat when exercising. Ordinary clothes do not have enough air permeability. So, sweat can only evaporate after staying on the body for a long time. This will affect our sports experience and sometimes lead to colds. It is necessary to have a quick-drying dress at this time.

In summer, people choose more quick-drying T-shirts. The main function of the quick-drying T-shirt is quick-drying to facilitate perspiration. It can absorb and spread sweat from the skin. It can expand the area as much as possible to speed up evaporation. In general, the sweat on our backs needs to dry in 20 minutes.

If you turn into a rest state after wearing ordinary sportswear, it is easy to get sick due to changes in human body temperature. The quick-drying T-shirt can disperse moisture and keep warm. It is conducive to keeping skin dry and fresh.

The fabric of quick-drying sportswear is generally made of polyester fiber. It is easy to wick away perspiration and easy to clean. It can be said that it is a piece of clothing for all sports enthusiasts.

Quick-drying clothes are divided into waterproof and non-waterproof types. Everyone can choose according to their own needs when purchasing. There are certain differences between the two styles. And they are suitable for different sports types.

If you exercise indoors, it is a bit wasteful to wear waterproof and breathable quick-drying clothes. Because the quick-drying clothes for indoor sports do not need more waterproof layer. This feature may become a disadvantage.

Although they are both quick-drying clothes, the quick-drying ability of waterproof and breathable quick-drying clothes is acceptable after all soaking. But the moisture absorption effect is much worse. In indoor air-conditioned sports fields, it is easy for the body to catch cold due to excessive sweat. Therefore, when choosing quick-drying clothes, everyone should decide according to their actual situation.

1. Waterproof Type

Waterproof and breathable type is generally based on loose type. It is very suitable for outdoor sports and can play a better role in wind, rain and moisture prevention. It has an extra waterproof layer than indoor sports. The purpose is to cope with the weather tests to be faced in outdoor sports and avoid the body from being wet by rain. Even if the clothes are all wet in case of rain, the quick-drying clothes will dry in half an hour. It meets the needs of outdoor sports enthusiasts for dry clothes.

2. Non-Waterproof Type

People who exercise indoors generally choose non-waterproof styles. And the characteristics of moisture absorption and quick drying are retained. Its version is slimmer and can highlight the body lines. Most people who exercise in the gym choose this type. It emphasizes body lines. And it can stimulate everyone's enthusiasm for fitness.

The magic of quick-drying clothes lies in its fabric material. Yarn made of high-tech polyester fiber, like capillaries of the body, absorbs sweat and rapidly diffuses and evaporates. Its fiber technology and fabric textile technology are different from common fabrics. They have the characteristics of good water absorption and good air permeability. It is 2-3 times more water-absorbing than ordinary cotton cloth. And it can quickly absorb and diffuse sweat on the surface, accelerate evaporation, and make you fresh and comfortable.

Disadvantages of Quick-Drying Fabric

If the quick-drying fabric contains 100% polyester fiber, it is not the most comfortable state in terms of human wearing feeling.

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