There are two kinds of bathtubs. They are free standing bath tubs and embedded bathtubs. Many consumers cannot make a choice when decorating. Today, let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of the two bathtubs.

First of all, the separate bathtub is separate. You can place the bathtub on the bathroom floor, with smooth inside and outside. There is no need to lean against the wall. You can place the bathtub in the bathroom. This method is convenient for construct and easy for overhaul. It is suitable for you when the ground has been decorated. Separate bathtub has high requirements for space. It needs a certain floor height. It needs more than 20 square meters, which is the same area as the living room or bedroom. Some massage bathtubs belong to the category of separate bathtubs.

Separate bathtub does not need a platform. Avant-garde trendy people prefer it. The price is higher. Requirements for bathroom area and the purchase of related products are important. Separate bathtub can provide comfort. Ordinary bathtub can’t give that. If there is a bathtub spaced from other articles, it is a separate bathtub.

Separate bathtubs have requirements and restrictions on the space of bathrooms. Many separate bathtubs need to match various decorations for beauty. It increases the investment in material and financial resources. It is suitable for people who like simple style. The separate bathtub has independent mobility. It can change the placement of the bathtub at any time. That is very convenient.

The existence of separate bathtub has its "harsh" features. It requires large bathroom area. Its own installation and coordination with the surrounding environment are important. It is destined to be a luxury enjoyment for some people. The excellent quality, unique posture and inheritability are the charm for people. It is not just a simple bathing tool but a bathing culture. Its existence not only provides people with bathing space, but also becomes more attractive with the passage of time.

Let’s look at the embedded bathtub. The embedded bathtub is embedded between the surface or other objects. There are wall-to-wall embedded bathtub and central embedded bathtub. The former needs to build a platform. The latter is embedded into the ground. Its advantages and disadvantages are obvious. The installation can save space. The overall decoration effect is atmospheric. It is also expensive. It is difficult to maintain. Cleaning is troublesome, and the style and shape are limited.

If you like to take a bath and have enough money, you should choose a separate bathtub. Bathing is a relaxing thing, not a daily rush to finish. Bathing in a separate bathtub will become a good experience. You can read your favorite books. You can light candles and drink red wine during bathing. It makes your bathing time more special and makes bathing a kind of enjoyment. You should choose a suitable bathtub according to your ability and the whole decoration.

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