Stephen Evans
Fashion shifts focus to omnichannel, sustainable supply chains, local brands and eco-fashion

In continuation to the previous report on the fashion industry’s resilience worldwide as internati...

January 23,2022

Stephen Evans
Fashion Revolution: An ethical approach to fashion in India

Last year, Fashion Revolution India went full steam ahead with digital dialogues and produced a se...

January 21,2022

Stephen Evans
Fashion Brands Realign Customer Acquisition Strategies To Navigate Through The Pandemic Year

The fashion retail industry is ever changing and especially during the current times when the world...

January 19,2022

Stephen Evans
Exporters getting value by working with wholesalers/importers

Since last few years, as market conditions have become more difficult, many of the Indian apparel e...

January 18,2022

Stephen Evans
Dress-over-pants Fashion or Faux Pas!

Dress-over-pants…, seems like a complete out of the box concept, but is gaining immense popularity...

January 15,2022

Stephen Evans
Can face masks float the boat of the sinking fashion industry?

The year 2020 started on a positive front, but in just a few weeks, the novel coronavirus has overturne...

January 12,2022

Stephen Evans
7th edition of TANTU talks about denim, sustainability and technology

Are you making right-fitted denim jeans? Are you using sustainable technologies to make your jeans?...

January 06,2022

Stephen Evans
Whimsical Prints & Silhouettes Dominate Resort 2018

The Resort season has long been associated not only as a filler in-between archetypical seasons, but...

January 22,2022

Stephen Evans
Vendor – How to be future ready?

The most obvious question these days is how to become a preferred vendor in this new emerging market?...

January 20,2022

Stephen Evans
Too near yet so far! Vietnam’s garment and textile sector struggles to achieve export target

After an impressive export turnover of US $ 36 billion last year, Vietnam’s apparel and textile in...

January 17,2022

Stephen Evans
The Race for Automation…

The data by the International Textile Manufacturers Federation shows that the global shipments of elect...

January 15,2022

Stephen Evans
The All-in-One Design and Communication Tool from Shima Seiki

In recent years India and Bangladesh have seen a significant increase in knit exports, and is receiving...

January 14,2022

Stephen Evans
Technology for Value Addition: Flock Printing

Inspired by the velvet appliqué and intricate pattern formations, minuscule fibre particles are de...

January 13,2022

Stephen Evans
Make in Odisha’ shines! Top apparel, textile companies keen to invest crores in the state

More than 15 Indian textile and apparel companies have showed interest to invest over Rs. 550 crore...

January 08,2022

Stephen Evans
Logistics in Vietnam is very challenging; needs policy for change

High logistics cost for exports is becoming a big concern for the apparel and textile sector in Vi...

January 07,2022

Stephen Evans
Let’s grow together… Nimbark Fashions aims to bring the industry together with innovation

A name that has become synonymous with yarn business in India, Nimbark Fashions Ltd., after making...

January 05,2022

Stephen Evans