Stephen Evans
You Snooze, You Lose: What’s trending in the thriving Sleepwear Market?

Leaving the confines of the hours between the after-work and the morning alarm, sleepwear has come...

November 14,2021

Stephen Evans
Underdog’ Khekra…

Almost 30 kilometres from Delhi, khekra, a town in Baghpat (Uttar Pradesh) could have been another...

November 12,2021

Stephen Evans
This is how 4 Indian apparel export stalwarts shone bright in Q2, H1

The four apparel export stalwarts of India performed pretty well in Q2 and H1. Not only sales of these...

November 10,2021

Stephen Evans
Sonia & Sweaters Ltd. embracing automation for business viability and growth

Changing times call for strategy changes and adaptability. So, at a time when the entire retail se...

November 08,2021

Stephen Evans
Smart ways by which companies are tackling MOQ issues while sourcing from Bangladesh

Sourcing from Bangladesh… a lot has been said and done on this buzzing topic. Every major retailer...

November 07,2021

Stephen Evans
Resort ’17: Detail Trends

Although the resort season has come and gone (it’s generally at the beginning of the new year), tre...

November 05,2021

Stephen Evans
Première Vision 2016 in review: Fabric Trends – S/S ’17

It’s that time of the year again when we study the fabrics that will shape the collections of the...

November 04,2021

Stephen Evans
Overhead material handling system in sewing floor

Sewing department in apparel industry is perennially striving to improve poor needle running time,...

November 03,2021

Stephen Evans
On the manufacturing radar: new players in the mix

Looking at the present scenario and growing number of challenges, apparel business, and that too especi...

November 02,2021

Stephen Evans
Is TET still a challenge for garment manufacturers in Vietnam?

TET holidays of 2019 are finally over in Vietnam, and for a change, one could see lots of garment and...

October 28,2021

Stephen Evans
Imperial Group Expanding Product Offerings to Textile

The biggest challenge today for any technology provider is to offer a product that the industry would...

October 26,2021

Stephen Evans
Impact of climate change may dictate our way of dressing

Climate change is the biggest crisis faced by humanity currently, and in some places, the crisis is...

October 25,2021

Stephen Evans
Home Fashion Technology Week: A welcome initiative; need to enhance its spectrum

It is perhaps for the first time in the history of Indian home furnishing industry when top machiner...

October 24,2021

Stephen Evans
Fashion brands cutting out middlemen and vying for DTC mode…

The entire concept of selling apparels or fashion directly to shoppers sounds simple and interesting...

October 22,2021

Stephen Evans
Asmara Vietnam: A force to reckon with

Since its inception in the country in 2008, Asmara Vietnam – one of the leading buying houses in V...

October 19,2021

Stephen Evans