Lying in a big bathtub and listening to music is enjoyable. But how do you clean the bathtub after using it? If you clean the bathtub with water, it is difficult to clean the bathtub. It will cause many bacterial residues. When it comes to cleaning bathtubs, these are several small ways.

Let's talk about the basic method of cleaning the square bathtub. First, inject warm water into the bathtub. The height of the warm water is 7 cm below the edge of the bathtub. In order to avoid the waste of water resources, you can leave the bathed water in the bathtub. Then add two tablespoons of powdered detergent and some household bleach to the water. Then use a cleaning brush to wipe the inner wall of the bathtub. After wiping each side, drain the water. Finally, clean the bathtub with flowing water until it is clean.

Let's talk about other tips. The first simple method is newspaper cleaning. Don't drain the water after bathing, spread out the old newspapers and put them on the hot water surface. Then wait for dirt and hair in the water to float on the newspaper, you can pull out the newspaper. By the way, you can bring out the dirt and hair in the water.
The second trick is the silk stockings cleaning. When we clean the bathtub, we can rub the old silk stockings into a ball for scrubbing. Because the texture of silk stockings is delicate. It will not scratch the bathtub surface. You can remove the dirt without using detergent.
The third trick is white vinegar and baking soda cleaning. The dirt and stains on the inner wall of the bathtub can be scrubbed with white vinegar first. Then scrub it with baking soda. Rinse with clear water to remove dirt.

The fourth trick is bleaching powder solution cleaning. Yellow dirt appears on the inner wall of the bathtub. You can prepare the bleaching powder solution according to the ratio of 1: 9. Then wipe the four walls of the bathtub with a clean cloth. It is easy to clean up the yellow dirt.
Let's talk about the daily maintenance of the bathtub. When you not use it, it is easy to accumulate all kinds of dust and bacteria. Therefore, you should clean it every week. And keep the bathtub clean and fresh after each use. The solution for cleaning the bathtub needs to be a neutral liquid cleaner. Use flexible cloth or soft sponge when cleaning. Soft materials can reduce damage to the bathtub surface. Never use worn and alkaline cleaning products. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid the use of dark detergent. It is easy to make pigment penetrate into the cylinder surface and affect the beauty. Don't leave metal objects in the bathtub. They will rust the bathtub and dirty the surface.


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