Sportswear is used for physical exercise and daily casual wear. Its shape design is suitable for sports. Its shape is natural and simple. It takes into account the needs of sports performance and beautification. Modern sportswear has become a part of fashion. It adopts a variety of elements. For example, combined cutting and bright colors. These elements reflect the function, comfort and trend of sportswear from the overall level. Innovations have been made in styles and fabrics.

Sportswear adopts bright colors to show vitality and convey the atmosphere of fashion. In addition to the classic color combination of black and white blocks, the mainstream colors of modern sportswear have various eye-catching colors. The combination of various high saturation colors shows the vitality and joy of life.

On the basis of traditional color block splicing, the color combination of sportswear has diversified. Different styles and colors are combined through splicing, stacking, rendering, gradual change and other ways. It improves the visual effect of clothing.

The craftsmanship of sportswear patterns draws on the strengths of each other. Decorative techniques such as printing, embroidery, collage, hollowing and inlays used in fashion are used in the design of sports and casual clothing. These decorative design techniques combine the strengths of both art and technology. They make the appearance of clothing more unique and avant-garde.

Clothing design must take fabric as the premise. When designing sports and casual clothing, designers use many functional and fashion fabrics. For example, Lycra fiber has good extension ability. It ensures sports comfort to a great extent. And it can achieve a good effect of modifying the body. So, most modern sportswear contains Lycra.

Modern sportswear pays more attention to the design in details. It changes the singleness of sportswear. In the design process of structure and decoration, designers use clever methods such as "dart transfer". It makes sportswear more fashionable. It gives consumers a brand-new experience. And it embodies the beauty of the curve of the human body. All kinds of segmented decorative lines with sportswear traits are combined with fashion features such as darts and structural lines. It makes sportswear both functional and decorative. At the same time, it makes the clothing more rhythmic and sportier.

Collar design has become more diversified. The neckline, cuffs and trouser legs have been pleated. It presents the sense of speed and modernity of sportswear in front of people. The pocket shape design has different shape changes according to different styles of clothing.

Sports coats are equipped with hats. The hats can prevent wind and rain. And they can improve visual beauty. The hooded design breaks the depression of a single element of sportswear. And it stimulates the vitality of sportswear. Early zippers only played a connecting role in clothing. The current zippers are decorative and artistic. The design of zipper puller is more elegant. It makes clothes different. And it increases the flavor of fashion.

With the progress of science and technology, sportswear is being updated. Through the above introduction, I believe everyone has a general knowledge of sportswear. Life lies in sports, let's move together!

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