Although the humble hoodie is not the most fashionable item in your closet, it is still one of the most convenient and comfortable. The hoodie is a timeless piece of menswear that every man should have. It's loose and warm, so it's a great choice. A hoodie can be worn around the house, but you can also use it as part of casual weekend wear if you pair it with the appropriate pieces. This guide will show you how to style a hoodie in a way that is both stylish and comfortable.


Hoodie with Coat

Coats are great options for keeping warm and looking fashionable. It's something that every man should have in his wardrobe. While many men are comfortable wearing a coat to formal events, few know how to style it for casual occasions. This double-breasted coat is elegant and sophisticated that it can be worn casually even on weekends. To make it more casual, all you need is a hoodie. For a casually cool look, pair a white hoodie with a brown or black coat on a cold Sunday. Also, you can finish the look with your favorite sneakers and loose-fitted pants.


Hoodie with Leather Jacket

Layering a hoodie under a leather jacket is a great way to stay warm during winter months. The combination not only provides warmth but is stylish and elegant. For a rugged and stylish look, pair a black biker jacket with a black zip-up shirt. For a rocker look, you can add slim-cut black jeans or blue jeans for an urban vibe. Wearing black jeans can be difficult if you aren't comfortable with the look. You can break up the look by wearing a gray shirt and a placement print underneath.


Hoodie with Denim jacket

A hoodie and a denim jacket can be paired to create a casual yet cool look. You can pick from various styles of denim jackets, but a blue one works best. For a casual look, pair the jacket with a gray or white hooded sweatshirt. Finish your look with sneakers and skinny jeans.


Hoodie with Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket and hoodies can be paired together to create a modern urban look. Although the combination may not be as timeless as other combinations, it is still very versatile due to the popularity of the bomber jacket and the basic design of the hoodie. For the perfect look, choose a zip-up hoodie in a classic color like gray, navy, or black. Pair it with your favorite bomber, whether it is leather, wool, or nylon sleeved. Add some stylish sneakers and black jeans to complete the casual urban look. This will create a contemporary inner-city look with a subtle athlete element.


Hoodie with Shearling Jacket

A hoodie and a shearling jacket can be paired together for a wintery, warm look. The key to nailing the look is finding the correct balance. The jacket and hoodie look heavy and thick, so it is best to avoid black. Instead, lighten the look by using lighter shades. Brown leather jackets or denim jackets are great options to add warmth and style to your look. A light grey sweatshirt is a versatile choice for your hoodie too. If you wish to collect different styles of hoodies, you can look for wholesale hoodies so that you can save more.


A hoodie is your best option for winter warmth. Plenty of stylists today have included hoodies in the fashion world. To make the simple style trendier, you can layer it with other outerwear pieces. Also, a zip-up hoodie is a great option for slimming down, while a pullover hoodie is more comfortable and looser. If you are aiming for a stylish and sophisticated look, pair a hoodie with a denim or leather jacket. As for a modern urban look, a hoodie can be worn with a jacket, peacoat, or bomber jacket. Just be confident when styling and know that you can quickly put together a hoodie ensemble with jeans, sneakers, or boots.

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