Many families are inclined to install bathtubs now. You can take a comfortable bath in the bathtub after a busy day. All troubles dissipated. There are many kinds of bathtubs in the market. How to choose the right bathtub is a discipline.


First of all, you must know your budget. The price of the bathtub ranges from 500 to 2,000 US dollars.A high-quality Australian square bathtub needs less than 1,000 US dollars.


The main length of the square bathtub is 1.7 meters and 1.5 meters in two standard sizes. You can customize the bathtub according to your needs. But the size of 1.7 meters is the most used. This size is more comfortable for bathing. The space is more open.


You can choose different styles of bathtubs according to your own needs. For example, the bathtub without baffle. Itis simple style and is suitable forsimple decoration.The baffle-free bathtub has smooth lines. It has special decoration and better thermal insulation performance.


Bathtubs are made of different materials.Such as cast iron, acrylic, enamelled steel and pearl material. Each material has its own merits and demerits. Cast iron bathtubs are easier to clean. Because their surface is smooth, firm and dense enamel. Dirt is difficult to remain. But it is heavier. The installation and handling will be more difficult.


Acrylic bathtub. It is the most common bathtub on the market present. Producers can customize it into different shapes. Meet customer’sspecific demands. It is lighter and easier to install and carry. But scratches are easy to occur on the surface. If you choose an acrylic bathtub, you should be careful to avoid bumping.

Enamelled steel bathtub. Good surface smoothness and easy handling. Butit is not resistant to impact. The heat preservation effect is not good. Bathing requires a lot of water. The experience will decrease when the water temperature drops faster. We should select with great caution.


Pearl bathtub. The surface is smooth and durable. For families with many people, it is recommended to choose this bathtub. But the surface is prone to scratches. You can pay more attention to use it.

At last, let's talk about how to install the bathtub better. The types of installation include freestanding bathtubs and drop-in bathtubs. The freestanding bathtub is simple and generous. You can decide the appearance on your own needs. But there are requirements for the bathroom area. It is not convenient to clean. The edges and corners are easy to leave dirt.


Drop-in bathtubs are much easier to clean. And it is embedded according to the traits of the bathroom. It is convenient for the installation of water and electricity. It is firm. But it occupies more toilet space. It is more difficult to repair when it needs maintenance.

The bathtub does not need to be replaced frequently. So you could increase the budget. The high-quality bathtub experience will be better.

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