In the impression of most people, the types of men's dresses seem to be far less than those of women's wedding dresses. However, men's dresses pay more attention to details. Different types of people's dresses are not selected in the same way. Let's introduce the factors that should be considered when choosing men's dress suits.

Mature men choose a dress with a crescent collar, which is perfect. This is also the collar shape that young men prefer at present. Older men are suitable to wear some domineering peaked lapel and conservative suit collars.

Tall men are suitable for wearing any type of dress, especially double-breasted and tuxedo. Men of short stature are more suitable for dresses with simpler styles. Dresses with single lapels fit very well. Tuxedos, double-breasted or lapel dresses should be avoided as much as possible. These dresses will make the legs look shorter.

Skinny men should wear dresses that can make your body look a little weight to cover up your thin body. Fat men are more suitable for flat-mouth dresses, but rounder crescent collar suits should be avoided. The angular peaked lapel is more suitable for the fat face shape. The color of the dress should be as dark as possible.

Men with beer bellies are more suitable for simple or dark single-lapel dresses. This kind of style can stretch the body visually. As the focus of double-breasted and dovetail dresses can easily be placed on the belly, they are very unsuitable for such men.

Men with rough skin should avoid wearing silk satin and other fabrics. They should choose wool or blend, hidden strips, dark flowers or textured fabrics as much as possible.

Formal dress fabrics should choose high-grade worsted pure wool, cashmere, silk or blended fabrics. This kind of fabric has fine fibers, soft and comfortable hand feeling, and good gloss and drape. The ready-to-wear clothes are noble and elegant, and need careful care when wearing them. Reflective fabrics such as silk satin or shiny man-made fibers will cause the feeling of expansion. Therefore, it is not suitable for plump people. Light-absorbing fabrics such as velvet, vertical velvet and wool tweed have the effect of shrinkage. Thin people should avoid choosing this kind of fabric. The fabric of informal dress can choose wool, chemical fiber or blended fabric with lower grade.

The tie of the dark suit can be selected from the brighter printed silk with the big color contrast with the suit. If the suit is made of striped or plaid fabric, the tie can be easily coordinated by choosing the existing colors on the suit.

In addition to the above factors, the groom should also consider the type of wedding when choosing the dress suit. If the traditional wedding is held indoors, the groom should choose a more traditional dress suit. If a more fashionable wedding is held outdoors, you can choose a more fashionable dress suit that fits the wedding style. As long as we can grasp these aspects, I believe the groom can definitely choose the right dress suit.

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