In today's era, home wear and pajamas are necessities of life. Home wear comes from pajamas, but they are more popular than pajamas. The reason is that the range of home service activities is a little larger. Pajamas are confined to one room.

In terms of fabric, pajamas are only for the demanders. And they are more comfortable in bed. Pajama fabrics is committed to be light and breathable. Its style is also simple and generous. It does not pursue patterns. The color of pajamas is mainly solid. The requirement of daily going out and going downstairs may be met. Simple community activities can also be carried out. And home wear has more practicability and privacy than pajamas. It is mainly casual and loose. Fashion elements such as stripes or embroidery are injecting. Then the style is more popular among girls. It can be simple to pick up express or walk the dog. And it has a certain fashion beauty.

From the functional difference, pajamas are only suitable for sleeping. Pajamas are generally suspender skirt or cotton jacket plus shorts. And they pay attention to smooth and breathable texture. Pajamas are not suitable for other occasions. The home wear is a leisure life style based on "home as the activity center". And with the growing demand, there is a more leisure home decoration. It can let us have a decent reception in the living room at home. And it can also carry out small-scale activities in the supermarket downstairs.

In terms of practicality, pajamas are only used for sleeping. Sometimes, you want to do other activities or housework after waking up. Then you need to change into other formal clothes. And home wear doesn’t need to be changed. People get up in the morning and have a simple wash. Then they can put on home wear to cook breakfast. After that, you can even clean the room or hang clothes in the yard. All can be carried out in home wear without worrying about the light. And the design of home wear is beautiful and practical. Wearing these to do yoga and receive friends, will not feel impolite.

Finally, health care needs be attachable. Especially during the current global epidemic period. It is easy to be contaminated when working and socializing outside. It is easy to cause diseases if you do not change clothes in time. When we get home, we should take off our formal clothes immediately. If you change into comfortable and clean home wear, it will be hygienic. Pajamas need to be changed when you go to bed after a bath. I just got home and didn't eat yet. It's obviously not suitable to wear pajamas.

The difference between home wear and pajamas is clear. Home wear is convenient for people's daily life. And it also provides protection for people's health. Pajamas can provide a more comfortable environment for people to sleep. But they are not suitable for other occasions. In short, home wear can be used as pajamas. However, pajamas cannot be used as home clothes. This is the difference between them.

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