With the improvement of the quality of life, enjoying life has become the current pursuit. Installing bathtubs at home has also become a choice for many families.Massage bathtub can bring users a better bathing experience to a great extent. While relaxing your body and mind, you can also massage your body, killing two birds with one stone.

Advances in science and technology have enabled the massage bathtub to have other functions. The bathtub has the function of bubbles, sound waves, music, safe disinfection system and phototherapy. Bathtubs are also developing towards multifunctional and electronic trends.

When choosing to install a massage bathtub, you must consider the space for the bathtub to enter and leave. You must leave enough spacious space. If the length and width of the bathtub installed in your toilet cannot reach 150 × 70 cm, people should not to install a whirlpool bathtub at home.You should prevent the space from being too narrow, slipping and falling when entering and leaving.

In the bathroom space is not large and hope to be able to install massage bathtub, you will have an advice to install a massage bathtub in the innermost part of the bathroom. You won't feel oppressionwhen you enter the room.

Pipelines of massage bathtubare distributed at the bottom. People do not need toplace them on the wall. It is best to place it in an area with better lighting, so that you can enjoy the scenery while taking a bath.

Massage bathtub should have a separate space. You should notice thatdo notuse it together with shower. The main reason is that the shower room is easy to wet, which will cause damage to the whirlpool motor. In addition, there are hair blockages and other conditions, which are not hygienic when in use. When it comes to motors, massage bathtub need to reserve a motor detection port, There should be at least 50 × 40 cm of space.

Massage bathtub must have double drainage. One is bathtub drainage, the other is floor drainage with drainage slope at the bottom. When the bathtub drainage is blocked, the water can be drained from the ground so that the accumulated water will not damage the motor.

When installing massage bathtub, the most important point is that you should install leakage circuit breakers. If leakage occurs working, it can automatically cut off power from the whirlpool. It can avoid electric shock when people take a bath. There is also a need for a separate circuit. The main reason is that the massage bathtub uses a large amount of electricity. The design of a separate circuit can avoid power jump during bathing.

Massage bathtub installation needs a certain space to dissipate heat to the motor. In terms of use, it should start 2-3 times a month. It is easier to break if not used for a long time. Before bathing, the bathtub can be filled with water and cleaned with non-alcoholic neutral detergent or professional disinfectant before bathing.

Many families do not install bathtubs because the price is too high. However, if you like massage bathtub, you can search for more discount information. If you like square bathtubs, search for some information about square bathtubs for sale. You can always meet a bathtub at the right price.

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