Sportswear (and related equipment products) is a cyclical industry. When the economy is developed, the life is rich. The consumption is upgraded. The industry as a whole will grow rapidly. Sports-related industries, especially outdoor sports, have become one of the most important engines of economic growth in developed countries. The following is a list of the most popular sportswear.

Decathlon is from France and is the world's largest sporting goods retailer. It was founded by Michel Leclercq in 1976. The first store opened in Enroth, a small village near Lille, France. It manages chain sporting goods. Decathlon's parent company Oxilan Group provides support for the entire sports industry chain. The Group provides many of its own brand products. They are divided into 20 brands with different names. It is according to different sports categories. For beginners and professional athletes, it is useful. Decathlon can provide sportswear, equipment and various creative sports products. The mode of controlling the whole industrial chain makes its products have higher cost performance.

Easyoga originated in 1998. It is a brand in Taiwan, China. It is one of the top ten brands of yoga mats. It is a high-quality yoga mat brand. It is a famous producer of global sports fashion clothing. It is famous for its logo image of chakra flower.

Easyoga is a global sports fashion Lohas clothing brand. It focuses on promoting sports Lohas. It promotes the concept of environmental protection and sustainability. It takes self-fashion, green concept and professional design as brand values. The continuous promotion and marketing of flagship stores and partners are important. It hopes to create a comfortable and happy atmosphere of [life is made by yoga-Yoga to be]. It has professional yoga clothing. It has Lohas sports such as jogging, cycling, dancing, tennis and other professional functional clothing. At the same time, it has the concept of environmental sustainability. It also expands the comfortable life and leisure styles. It integrates them into everyone's life and travel.

ARNOLD PALMER was founded in 1955 in the United States. Its product line covers many industries. Such as fashion, home textiles, footwear and glasses. With its color fashion, it is very popular with consumers.

So far, the brand business of ARNOLD PALMER has become popular. It is popular in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. The product line covers many industries. Such as fashion, home textiles, footwear and glasses. In 2001, Arnold Palmer's works appeared in Japan. It immediately became a hot topic all over Japan. The Hong Kong region was officially introduced by I.T. It is very popular with consumers.

Lorna Jane's mission is to give every woman a good life ability. It is through the concept of active life and the daily practice of Move, Nourish and Believe. Its core is Lorna Jane Clarkson. It is the creator and pioneer of all sportswear and active life. Since 1989, she has sewed her first disposable design at her home in Brisbane, Australia. Lorna Jane turned her fashion vision into a sportswear brand. It creates a new fashion category.

TITIKA strives to redefine sportswear with intelligent, stylish and practical design. Tight pants are no longer limited to yoga studios. It can seamlessly change to conference rooms or at night. TITIKA has brought a new level of liberation. We can all live in our most versatile fields. Fabrics using Celliant technology have been clinically proved to enhance tissue oxygen content. It can improve exercise performance and improve health. Modal material is soft, ventilated and as light as feathers. Our series of products are the perfect combination of luxury and specialized fabrics and intelligent fashion design.

Of course, there are many high-quality sports brands, which will not be talked here.

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