If you want to install a bathtub and take a bath at home, you must have hesitated about this problem. Which bathtub did you choose? Have you regretted your decision?
At first, many people would like to choose the kind of stone bathtub. In fact, there is no difference between “stone bathtub” and “separate bathtub”. But many people want to choose a freestanding large bathtub now. Why? These are some reasons.

First, convenience.
Your don’t need to knock out your bathroom and rebuilt it. Many people did not plan the bathtub when decorating the bathroom at the beginning. When they got married, their wives want the bathtub. Some people want their children to take a bath. It is more convenient to install an separate bathtub.

Second, maintenance.
Not easy to maintain is one of the most frightening problems of stone bathtubs! The independent bathtub is easy to move and maintain. It is safer to choose the separate bathtub.


Third, cost.
The price of stone is large. The cost of manual bricklaying is not cheap. An separate bathtub can reduce the economic burden.


Fourth, heat preservation.
Unless the hot water is on all the time, the washing water will be cold. Both the stone bathtub and the separate bathtub will have this problem. But in winter, the stone of stone bathtubs is less insulated. Stone bathtubs are larger. It is embarrassing to cool before the water is full! If you really want a stone bathtub, remember to plan more thermal insulation measures.


Fifth, save water.
Water charges are not expensive, but they are not free. Most stone bathtubs are large. It takes time to fill the bathtubs with water. If you take a bath three times a week, I believe there will be obvious differences in the amount of water used by the two bathtubs.


Sixth, cleaning.
The stone bathtub is beautiful and generous. The cleaning efforts behind it cannot be careless. When cleaning, every gap in the stone bathtub needs to be cleaned! People who love cleanliness can consider it. It will save a lot of effort to clean the separate bathtub.

Seventh, save space.
Stone bathtub takes up a certain space! If the bathroom is small and you want to take a bath, a separate bathtub will be better! The size and shape of independent bathtubs are becoming more and more diversified. There are smaller bathtubs to choose from.

There is no absolute difference between the advantages and disadvantages of each bathtub. If your economy, space and other aspects permit, there are still many bathtubs to choose from.


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