Every home has a bathroom basin. They are one of the most frequently used parts of home decoration all year round. Choosing a bathroom sink with good quality can guarantee its working life. What are the characteristics of bathroom washbasins made of different materials? Let's have a look.


The most common bathroom sink is made of ceramic. This material with affordable price can match every style, and easy to clean. The best way to buy ceramic materials is to choose brands with reliable quality. The reason is that ceramic is an article between metal and glass, which is fragile. And our country has no uniform standard for the thickness of ceramics. In order to save costs, many businesses have not made sinks that meet safety standards. This can cause the ceramics to break or break easily. Cracked corners can scratch people.

There are sinks made of metal, such as stainless steel and brass. These materials, because of their unique colors, can bring different impressions to the overall bathroom space. The cleaning process is also simple. It is easy to clean up and very durable.


Artificial stone sinks are as cost-effective as ceramics. Because it is artificial, it will have special styles, rich colors, and many shapes to choose from. Artificial stone has high strength and is not easy to be damaged during use. Its disadvantage is obvious, that is, it is not subject to high temperature. Do not pour boiling water into it. It is easier to leave stains.


Marble sinks are very environmental-friendly. Natural marble does not change color. Because marble is sedimentary rock, the radiation is very small. Marble products that meet national safety standards do no harm to human body. It is hard but not brittle, and its thickness is above 1.6 CM. The colors and textures of natural marble are rich and varied. Natural marble can be processed into various shapes according to the style and needs of home decoration. This kind of material is the preferred material for all kinds of high-grade bathroom furniture. It can keep household goods fresh and beautiful.

The sink made of quartz stone is affordable and durable. The hardness, strength and wear resistance of quartz stone surpass those of artificial stone. It is not easy to scratch flowers during use. For families with a large population, quartz stone materials are very suitable and are not easy to wear after multi-frequency and long-term use. During the use of bathroom cabinets, cosmetics, toothpaste, etc. will always fall on the table top. Some materials are easy to let these things seep in, leaving imprints that cannot be erased. If you choose to use quartz stone countertops, there will be no trouble in this respect.


There are many types, styles and materials of wash sinks on the market. Users can choose bathroom wash sinks according to their personal preferences.

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