Bathroom sink basins are common items in home decoration. There are many types and styles of bathroom washbasins in the market. Many people with difficulty in choosing washbasin. There are five different types. Some are of high color value but troublesome to take care of. Some are practical but look common in appearance.


The basin on the table refers to the one installed on the table facet. The style is unique and novel. You should pay attention to the distance between the edge of the washbasin. The height from the ground should be 80 cm to 85 cm. People who are not tall can choose the distance of about 75 cm. The biggest problem of the washbasin is to clean it up. There will be dead corners on the table facet. Dust will accumulate in the corners. It will breed bacteria and affect the appearance. Water is easy to splash onto the table facet. Put a towel on the table facet to absorb water stains.

The lower basin is installed under the table facet. The shape is fixed. It depends on the decoration around the basin and the style of the table facet. We must pay special attention to the fixing method of the basin when install it. It must be firm. It is easy to clean. We can wiped the water stains scattered on the table with dishcloth. Dust and bacteria are not easy to remain.



The table basin is installed with the edge of the wash basin on the top of the wash table. This type of wash basin can match with various decoration styles. There are dead angle areas. It is easy to breed bacteria if not clean properly.



The semi-buried basin table is that the basin body is half embedded in the table top and half exposed. This type of basin has a novel and beautiful style. But it must be combined with the table top. You must inform the designer in advance if you wan to install this type. Thus the designer can design the appropriate width of the countertop through the overall environment of the bathroom. If you need to save space, you can choose a wall-in faucet with a basin.

Another type is the platform and basin integrated. This is a finished product. It is the type that many popular families choose most. The main reason is that this kind of basin is convenient. You can order a washbasin that meets the size of the home. Then the master can install it as a whole. It is economical.


However, different consumers have different perspectives. Some like beauty and are not afraid of cleaning troubles. Others like good care and do not care about appearance. They must choose according to their needs.



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