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Accessories, Testing play key role for value-addition in Bangladesh Shirt Exports

As shirt manufacturers gear up competencies and expertise to cater to new and potential markets, the...

January 29,2022

Stephen Evans
3 concurrent garment shows begin in Bangladesh with high expectations

A ‘three-dimensional’ international garment show started in Bangladesh on January 31, 2018, with e...

January 25,2022

Stephen Evans
Would Bangladesh become a beneficiary of the China-US trade hostilities?

The ongoing trade tussle between the world’s two largest economies – USA and China, is getting mur...

January 24,2022

Stephen Evans
Vijay Design Inspirations Holds Uniqueness’ as Key to Export Success

With the industry becoming very competitive and ‘no guaranteed’ formula for success, exporters are...

January 23,2022

Stephen Evans
Under the Sea Influence!

Every season we come across inspirations which not only give way to interesting silhouettes but also...

January 21,2022

Stephen Evans
Turned over its head, branded narcissism returns for Fall 2018

Brand Logos: The gift that keeps on giving! If you look at the history of logos and labels as a trend...

January 20,2022

Stephen Evans
Trims and accessories from being functional to giving an innovative edge to garments…

A garment is incomplete till the time it is not finished with trims, closures and accessories; interest...

January 18,2022

Stephen Evans
Synergising Traditional Embroidery with  Technology for Added Edge in Surface Ornamentation…

India has always been known for its rich tradition of hand embroidery techniques and inspired by the...

January 17,2022

Stephen Evans
Organic cotton still on the growth path

Currently organic cotton is less than 10 per cent of total cotton production in India but with the...

January 14,2022

Stephen Evans
Meet new & booming Indian apparel exporters!

Even established Indian apparel exporters are keeping no stone unturned as the current market cond...

January 12,2022

Stephen Evans
Maturing of Bangladesh’s Competencies

It is a well-established fact that the global garment manufacturing business is a ‘wage game’ and...

January 11,2022

Stephen Evans
Mask’ a necessity with a fashion statement

A few years back, what children expected of 2020 were ideas from humankind’s most ambitious brains...

January 10,2022

Stephen Evans
Macy’s aims to streamline store portfolio and intensify cost-efficiency efforts

Despite recent reports that the industry’s holiday season was shaping up to top previous estimates...

January 08,2022

Stephen Evans
Is Vietnam heading towards greater automation?

The Vietnam industry is moving to imbibe greater automation, compelling machine manufacturers to beelin...

January 06,2022

Stephen Evans
Innovative textiles to redefine trends in fashion industry post-Covid

As the pandemic continues to challenge our comfort zones in the way we work, it has created new challen...

January 05,2022

Stephen Evans
Harllow: Disrupting the Bangladesh fashion market with new-age streetwear

The experience of growing up is an entire journey in itself. More often than not, our interests as...

January 03,2022

Stephen Evans
Ford vs Ferrari Movie – A perfect case study for apparel factories

A US-based automaker company, not so known for its engineered racing cars, went to 24 hours of Le...

January 01,2022

Stephen Evans
Fashion For Love: Equality above all for Pride Month of June 2020

As the world faced a transformation that was as unexpected as it was disruptive at the helm of COVID...

December 26,2021

Stephen Evans
Fair Review: 17th Knit Show, Tirupur disappoints exhibitors

Organized by City Leaves, the 17th edition of Knit Show, Tirupur, saw participation of almost 200 exhib...

December 23,2021

Stephen Evans