It is a known notion that sales may go up and down but service will remain forever – eventually taking the companies forward. Team Apparel Resources recently met four such companies that believe in providing relentless service, thereby creating a new momentum in the business arena.

While Incomlend is a platform that helps companies get funds for their working capital needs, Fluxmall DTG Printing Vietnam is a service provider that specialises in digital DTG printing of matchless quality. Chat Mate and dxSaigon are the other two companies which too have been making themselves count by providing services in sampling and product development, respectively.

Unique services make them stand out…

The Singapore-based Incomlend is a peer-to-peer or P2P lending website, wherein it builds relations with people who are ready to offer loans as well as with those who need money. “As a garment manufacturer, you may always wish to be paid cash on delivery at the port, but the buyer sitting in some other part of the world will pay only after the shipment reaches them. That is where Incomlend steps in and provides the requisite cash to the manufacturer,” said Toni Sylvain Croci, Director, Sylvang Supply Co., Ltd. Sylvang Supply has been the official agent of Incomlend and has the license to promote Incomlend and all its services not only in Vietnam but also in other south-east Asian countries like Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos.

It is to be understood here that once the supplier (or those who trade goods or services locally or abroad) raise the invoice to the buyer, the former submits the invoice at the Incomlend platform. The funder then purchases the same invoice at discount and immediately Incomlend ensures that the fund is sent to the supplier. At maturity, the buyer pays the invoice and finally the funder gets the invested capital back along with the profit.

What is important to be noted here is that customer’s funds are never misused. All funds of customers are located on a segregated account that is supervised by a licensed Trustee company, which validates Incomlend’s clients and every incoming/outgoing transaction. This removes the risk of having the money of the customers being freely disposed of by Incomlend. When banks say ‘no’, Incomlend says ‘yes’. There are not many firms in Vietnam which offer such services.

But then, there are quite a few in Vietnam which do provide DTG printing services that Fluxmall provides, but then they have not been able to match Fluxmall both in quality and service. Fluxmall specialises in digital full colour printing, which is what the world calls DTG printing. It’s an inkjet technology, where with the help of inkjet printheads as well as pigment ink, the users are able to print high resolution artwork directly on the garments. So, the ink goes directly from the machine to the garment. In this case, neither is there a need for screens nor is there any need to separate into colours as there are 1,000 colours available along with all blends of colours.

The garment has to be treated with a special chemical solution so that the ink stays on the surface and at the same time remains very vibrant and undergoes all the wash tests so as to ensure that customers get high quality products. “We try to use high quality products using high quality premium machines and provide high quality premium service. That’s why our price is premium,” reasoned Dmitry Sarbaev, Chief Executive Officer, Fluxmall.

Fluxmall has the advantage of good DTG knowledge and expertise which helps it provide efficient customer service. Most of the Vietnamese companies are still not fully into technology and as Dmitry aptly stated, “Many-a-times, most of the solution providers cannot even do DTG print or may do it poorly; it is here that our knowledge, experience and understanding of the customer needs make us different”.

Small set-ups but with distinct vision – making their presence felt slowly dxSaigon and Chat Mate – despite being small set-ups – are managing to provide good service and that’s because they have a clear vision of what they need to do. The former is a design and development consultancy company based in HCM City (Vietnam), wants more people in the country to use its Athena jackets while riding bikes and scooters. A growing concern to address the issue of women driving bikes and scooters with small kids and babies persuaded Thomas Grové, Creative Director, dxSaigon Design Consulting Services Company Limited, to launch protective jackets for women bikers, in particular.

“While doing research to manufacture this jacket, my team would study where would a person get more injuries after falling off a two-wheeler. The hotspots where the injuries occur the most had to be protected and we did exactly that,” averred Thomas. The jackets made under its functional fashion brand ‘Sefu’, keep the riders safe, cool, and trendy.

Tram Le, the young Vietnamese owner of Chat Mate, ensures samples are prepared for men’s shirts and women’s tops in addition to making leather bags. “Clients bring their designs to us; sometimes they bring photographs/drawings or any idea they have and tell me that they want to do a collection of a style. Accordingly, I make some samples,” he reasoned.

Making leathers and apparels is never the same. The pattern maker at Tram’s studio has relatively less experience in doing apparels. However, in future, Tram intends to do more apparels. “In future, I want my design studio to be able to do all kinds of samples for bags and apparels and I am sure it will happen soon. My growth has been fast so far,” mentioned an optimistic Tram.

Wider reach is the need of the hour…

They all are delivering what they are good at – and delivering efficiently and effectively. They need to reach a wider audience to ensure the effective utilisation of their services. Croci feels that there is more awareness about Incomlend in Vietnam and other south-east Asian countries now; however, the firm continues putting more efforts to ensure more people and companies know and understand Incomlend better. These efforts take the shapes of forums, conferences, targeted digital campaigns, social networks and other online media among others, and to a great extent, they have been a success.

Dmitry, while concurring with the thoughts of Croci, said, “Organising specialised DTG conferences in Vietnam is bound to attract people from overseas and there is nothing bigger than bringing their knowledge here. Going forward, we at Fluxmall plan to organise more workshops, events and demonstrations of equipment to expand our reach.”

The journey has started and all of them are in charge…

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