The primary pursuit of home wear is both comfort and beauty. There are many materials for home wear. They are suitable for different people to choose.

Common pure cotton fabrics are made of cotton. It is produced by exquisite textile technology. This is the most common type of pajama fabric. Most pajamas of this fabric are affordable. It applies to all seasons. So, it is loved by the public.

Cotton home wear are very common. It has strong sweat absorption function and is relatively soft. And it is very advantageous in price. It is the most cost-effective pajamas. But cotton pajamas appear thicker in summer and not cool enough. It is easy to shrink and deform. The appearance may not be fashionable enough.

Personal clothing such as home wear often contains modal ingredients. Modal fiber is soft, smooth and bright. The fabric feels particularly smooth. The cloth surface is shiny and bright. The drape is better than the existing cotton, polyester and rayon. But skin-friendly is not as good as pure cotton. A few people with allergies are not very suitable for use.

The raw material of real silk fabrics generally refers to silk. The most commonly used are mulberry silk, cassava silk and so on. It belongs to a special type of silk fabric. Its touch is similar to ice silk fabric. They are all soft and have a smooth surface. But it is easy to snag. The elasticity of this fabric is poor. Although the version is loose enough, it is still somewhat restrictive. So, you must pay attention to this when choosing.

Real silk home wear are generally high-priced products. Silk pajamas are characterized by strong comfort and good moisture absorption and desorption. The silk fabric has a soft and smooth texture and a delicate touch. Compared with other fiber fabrics, the coefficient of friction between silk home wear and human skin is only 7.4%. So, you feel soft and delicate when your skin touches silk products. You can feel cool by wearing silk products in summer. But silk clothing has poor wrinkle resistance. The dyeing fastness is poor. It is easy to yellow and fade in the sun. The washing and maintenance requirements are relatively high.

Cotton and linen are a kind of textile produced through textile technology using cotton and linen as raw materials. It combines the characteristics of two fabrics, cotton products and linen products. While soft and comfortable, it also has antibacterial properties. It is more suitable for people with sensitive skin. Because of its special fabric touch, it will give people a cool feeling. So, it is generally used in the manufacture of pajamas in summer.

Linen home wear has a natural and rustic charm. Hemp fiber is strong, flexible, and has good color. The fiber is strong. It has natural breathability, moisture absorption, refreshing and moisture removal. More comfortable for daily wear. But according to textile industry experts, hemp garments are not suitable for sleeping. So, linen home wear is best not to be used as pajamas.

In the process of choosing home clothes, fabric selection is very important. Only by choosing the right fabrics can you wear it comfortably and will not deform after washing. Different fabrics are suitable for different seasons. You can choose silk fabrics in summer. Choose pure cotton and coral velvet fabrics in winter.

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