Do you know how to maintain the independent bathtub? Sanitary ware decoration is an important project for family decoration. In addition to showers, shelves and other items, some families will choose to install bathtubs. Installing bathtubs has become a new trend.

When the body is tired or in a bad mood, you can take a bath. You will relax muscles. You can promote blood circulation and relieve mood. It can help you maintain beauty. You cannot experience it with one shower head. Bathtubs have appeared in tens of millions of families. How to install bathtubs has become an important problem.

1. We can use common liquid detergent and soft cloth for daily cleaning of it. We cannot use washing with ketone or chlorine water. We should not use disinfectants containing formic acid and formaldehyde.

2. We recommend to use granular detergent. It can mix with water to clean the bathtub. We should avoid using detergent.

3. Do not place the container containing liquid detergent on the bathtub surface. Do not use spray or concentrate or other similar cleaning products.

4. Do not let nail polish, dry liquid cleaner, paint remover or other solvents contact with the surface.

5. Corrosive detergent will cause damage if it stays on the surface. Pay attention to clean the acrylic surface after each use. Do not let the detergent enter the circulation system.

6. If there are scratches on the surface, polish it with 2000 # water frosted paper. Apply toothpaste, and polish it with soft cloth.

7. We can wipe scale on the surface with soft cloth with light acidic detergent. We can add lemon juice and vinegar with slight heat.

8. Clean the hydraulic friction device. Fill the bathtub with 40 degrees hot water. Add detergent at a dose of 2 grams per litre. Start the independent hydraulic massage for 5 minutes. Stop the pump to drain water. Then fill up the cold water. Start the independent massage for 3 minutes. Stop the pump to drain water and clean the bathtub.

9. We can use wet towel to wipe the surface of the cylinder body. We can repeat this process three times.

10. Do not use articles with rough surface. Do not use articles containing chemical solvents to clean the surface.

11. Do not use hard objects or blade tools to strike the surface. Cigarette butts or heat sources above 70 should not contact the surface.

12. After using the bathtub, we should drain all water. We should disconnect the power supply.

13. If the water return device and nozzle are blocked, we can unscrew it to clean.

14. Gold-plated and chrome-plated parts do not need to be wiped frequently.

After buying the freestanding large bathtub, you must pay attention to maintain and clean it.

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