In communication activities, the basic principle of men's dress is important. That is to be able to wear with integrity, individuality and harmony. Dressing and matching according to the occasion are important manifestations of social etiquette.

Neat dress is the most important point in the principle of integrity. Clean and tidy clothes can show a positive mental outlook. Dressing neatly can reflect the importance attached to mutual communication. It shows the civilization of personal communication and the level of cultivation.

When men attend formal business activities, it is best not to have more than three colors on the whole body of the suit. This kind of dress can look more solemn and formal.

When a man wears a suit, the three important accessories (belt, leather shoes and briefcase) on his body should be of one color or same color system. The ideal match is all black.

There is also attention to the wearing of suits. Avoid wearing a suit without removing the trademark on the sleeve. Second, avoid wearing a sweater inside a suit. Due to the complexity of colors and patterns, button-type open-necked sweaters or cashmere sweaters usually give people a casual feeling when matched with suits. Therefore, in formal social occasions, it is best not to wear a suit with a sweater. Avoid wearing suits with incongruous socks. In important business occasions, there are two kinds of socks that cannot be worn. One is nylon socks, the other is light socks (except when wearing white leather shoes).

Double-breasted suits must have all buttons fastened. Single-breasted suits can be worn as follows: when the buttons are singular, the middle one should be fastened. When the number of buttons is even, one of the two buttons in the middle is buttoned.

If you want to take off your suit jacket, remember that you must not untie the cuff links of your shirt, nor can you roll up the cuffs.

The emphasis on cuffs is not simple. In the standing posture, your arms should be straightened out naturally and placed at the seam of your trousers. At this time, the cuff of the shirt should be exposed at 1-2 cm from the cuff of the suit. While maintaining the sitting posture, the arms should naturally extend forward. Place your hands at your knees. Three-quarters of the cuffs of the shirt should be exposed on the cuffs of the suit.

When wearing formal suits and formal leather shoes, socks should also be wool socks of the same color. Dark suits should be matched with dark belts. Light-colored suits can match no matter the color depth of the belt. The color of the belt should be coordinated with the leather shoes.

The dark suit can be suitable for many occasions. Men's suits can only be solid color or dark and light implicit stripes. Any pattern of large lattice or tweed will not make a good impression. Dark blue suits with dark stripes are considered by Westerners to be powerful men's suits. The top with obvious pockets is only suitable for more casual occasions, while the top with implicit pockets is suitable for formal occasions.

These are the rules for wearing men's dresses.

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