In the 21st century with rapid economic development, more and more people are having a passion for sports. And they become a member of the fitness team. The choice of sportswear has also become an all-day work before exercise. Choosing the right sportswear is equivalent to choosing like-minded friends. It’s a big step forward from successful sports.

The common types of sportswear are mainly divided into 9 categories: track suits, ball suits, water suits, and ice suits. As well as weightlifting suits, wrestling suits, gymnastics suits, mountaineering suits, and fencing suits. The prerequisite for choosing suitable sportswear is to decide the type of sports first. It’s just like building a house after laying the foundation. The choice of sportswear is the same.

So, let's help you choose the right sportswear and start your sports journey.

1. How important is the clothes worn during exercise?

Before choosing clothes, understanding the importance of sportswear is necessary for everyone. The concept of wearing sportswear during exercise needs to be deeply rooted in the mind.

Sportswear exists to distinguish it from everyday clothes. Its technological content and the choice of special fabrics are specifically for sports. It is designed for complex body movements or difficult types of exercises. The design of sportswear is closely integrated with people's special psychological indicators and sports posture. It gives people both psychological and physical protection during exercise. This avoids the imminent danger to a certain extent.

2.The choice of sportswear.

(1) Choice of fabric

The comfort of a sportswear, 80% depends on the fabric. The main function of sportswear is perspiration, dehumidification, ventilation and warmth. Also, it can play a certain protective role. When choosing fabrics, fabrics with excellent ductility and elasticity can help stretch freely during exercise. The soft luster and the fabric that fits the skin can help refresh the energy during exercise. Lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, breathable and wear-resistant fabrics can help you move forward and worry-free during exercise. The soft, comfortable and cool and breathable fabric can help to reduce the load during exercise. It can also refresh the mind. The choice of suitable fabrics can solve problems.

(2) According to the type of exercise

Different types of sports have different requirements for dressing. For sports such as yoga, the choice of sportswear is best to fit and stretch easily. On one hand, when doing yoga, the requirements for stretching joints and muscles are precise and clear. The proper close-fitting clothes helps correct the wrong posture in time. On the other hand, yoga is a project that requires substantial stretching and contraction. Good scalability is a necessary requirement.

(3) According to exercise intensity

Different exercise intensity has different requirements for clothes. Exercise intensity can be divided into 3 categories: low intensity, moderate intensity and high intensity. For low-intensity events such as golf, bowling, yoga, etc., a simple and fixed sports suit is recommended. Appropriate relaxation can be done without making the body appear unnatural. For moderate-intensity sports such as badminton, table tennis, tennis, etc., light and loose are mainly recommended. Otherwise, it will not only hinder exercise, cause strain, but also cause Circulatory problems. High-intensity events such as basketball, boxing, football, etc. require loose-fitting clothes and wide necklines and cuffs. Pants should be elastic, hard-wearing and loose.

(4) Division of age groups

The applicable age of sportswear is universal. Children are lively and active. They should be as loose and wear-resistant as possible in the choice of clothing. For adults, try to ventilate and remove moisture in the choice of clothing whiling exercising. Elderly people have limited exercise, so they should be as comfortable and warm as possible when choosing clothing.

(5) Division of seasons

Seasons change, suitable sportswear should be selected according to the changes in the weather. On the premise of keeping warm, choose sports clothes correctly. Keep warm in spring, cool in summer, discharge dampness in autumn and keep cold in winter. Choosing the right sportswear is like choosing a partner who makes progress together. Accompany each other and cuddling next to each other in this small world. This process does not require much language. You are exercising hard and I am working hard to protect you. If you succeed, my value is perfectly embodied.

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