There is the bathroom basin after long-term use. If the cleaning work is not in place, it is easy to accumulate dust and breed bacteria. It will affect the appearance and our health at the same time. How to clean sinks during process of daily use?


When choosing the cleaning method, you can decide according to the different materials. Sinks with ceramic countertops are easy to accumulate water stains and dirt after long-term use. At this time, you can use sliced lemons for cleaning. Scrub the surface with lemon slices, wait for one minute, then rinse it with clear water. You will find that the basin will become bright. If some stains are stubborn, you can use low-irritation bleach. You can pour it into a basin and let it soak for 20 minutes. You wash it with towel or sponge, then wash it with clear water.

For porcelain basins, the biggest problem is rust. After long-term use, the metal and ceramic at the bottom of the basin are prone to rust. You can heat and stir the same amount of vinegar with just the right amount of salt. Then dip a clean, soft cloth in the mixture. Leave it on the rust spot and let it stand for half an hour, then scrub it clean.


It is worth noting that, when using lavabo, the silica gel that stage basin and mesa interface or glass glue is easy to become moldy and black. For the cleaning of these places, you need to use a tool to scrape the stain clean. Make sure that it is dry and then coated with high quality silica gel. And as to the choice of silica gel, you can choose and buy hutch defends special mildew proof silica gel.


Some bathroom basins are made of glass. I recommend using cotton wipes, neutral detergents, glass water and other tools to clean the basin made of this material. In this way, the basin can be kept as bright as new for a long time. The iron bracket of the glass wall-mounted sink is easy to wet. You should not only choose the bracket with good quality, but also carry out cleaning work in time. If there have problems of "floating rust" and "mildew spots", you can clean them with toothpaste and rust remover.

For sinks made of common materials, the drum of toilet paper can be used to remove the stickiness of the drain outlet. You can clean the drain of the sink with this way. The usage method is as follows: cut one-third of the length on one side of the toilet paper drum, obliquely cut 3-4 times, and insert the drain to rotate back and forth. In this way, the cut of the drum can remove dirt or stickiness on the inner side of the drain outlet. Another method is vinegar. You can mix vinegar and water at a ratio of 1: 5, pour them into the watering can and spray them on the sink. This can not only clean up the dirt on the sink, but also deodorize the sink.


Different materials have different properties. When clean the sink of different material, we should choose different method. In this way, we can protect the clean appearance of the sink and enhance our use experience.


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