We use bathroom sink basins every day. Frequent hand washing is a common sense. It is important to install a good washbasin. How do we choose a good washbasin? The following are some tips to identify the suitable washbasins.

Bathroom is humid and has more water vapor. The humidity property of raw materials is important. Poor humidity performance will give you a bad experience. Such as mildew, deformation and warping. Especially the combined cabinet made of artificial plates. Although the price is cheap, the service life is short.

2. Environmental protection performance.

This is the most important indicator in current home decoration. Modern people attach great importance to it. Poor washbasin has inferior raw materials. It has heavy peculiar smell. It will release formaldehyde and affect the health of family members. We should pay attention to it. Try to purchase a good one if economic conditions permit. Such as marble table facet and solid wood combination cabinets. These release less formaldehyde.



3. Matching color of the washbasin.

The color matching is important for the overall home decoration. We should consider the overall style of the bathroom. And take family advice. Modern minimalist bathroom with white or black washbasin will make it stylish. Chinese bathroom can use solid wood products. It looks more elegant. Mediterranean-style bathroom with sky blue and white washbasin looks healing.


4. Size.

Size is an important point. The smallest washbasin on the market is 310 MM. Others have 330*360 MM, 550*330 MM, 600*400 MM, 600*460 MM, 800*500 MM, 700*530 MM, 900*520 MM, 1000*520 MM. Many businesses can custom-make the bathroom. They can custom-make according to the size and shape we need. For example, the common ceramic washbasin is 50 ~ 100 cm. And the common wall spacing is 48, 52, 56 cm. Ceramic basin is 1 ~ 2 cm larger than the size. The size must be accurate.


At last, we should compare the products of many physical stores. There are many kinds of bathroom washbasins. We should understand the merits and demerits in advance. And know the needs of our families.

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